In large part most of the virtual tours you see used by Realtors® today are little more than a series of photographs that have been distorted, blown up, zoomed in on and stitched together to form what is essentially a Powerpoint sildeshow. There is really nothing “virtual” or realistic about it.

While this might be one way to host your pictures, it fails to give the viewer a sense of “having been there”.

If you want your buyer to stay on your page and actually remember your listing (keep in mind they are looking at HUNDREDS of other’s as well) then you have to give them something to catch their interest and create the DESIRE!

As a student of numerous graphic design and advertising programs, as well as a earning a B.S. degree in Visual Communication, there is one thing I know: YOU HAVE TO WANT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU GO LOOK AT IT OR BUY IT! House hunting is not just a logical choice, it’s largely an emotional one. In order to create desire, you have to appeal to the eyes and the senses!

In today’s world of instant on-demand content and slow market, your client’s EXPECT video to stand out from the rest!



Every photograph is a chance to capture someones attention; and research shows over and over again that great photography helps sell homes! We use our unique TrueVue HD photography process to capture each image in the best possible way. Great photography isn’t just a point and shoot thing, it’s an artform. And if your photos aren’t helping the house sell, they are probably hurting it.

People are visual creatures by nature, and especially in an online setting and when flipping through dozens of potential new homes; buyers are going to be most interested in what first catches their eye!

Our HD photography and video walk through tours are the absolute ultimate attention getters and leave an impression on the viewer that will stay with them! Just look at the difference between the two photos below!

The left shot was made with your normal point and shoot camera and flash that most real estate agents use to capture images of their homes. Notice the narrow field of view, blown out white windows and poor lighting. It makes a beautiful kitchen look dull and boring. And if anything needs to look spectacular it's the kitchen!!!

The right image was show using our TrueVue HD Photography process and our top of the line HDSLR imaging cameras. We shoot with a very high end ultra wide lens to give you the best possible image and make it as true to real life as possible! Notice the tack sharp details, clear view through the windows, wide angle view and excellent lighting. Just look at the detail in those floors and granite counters! Which one looks better to you?