Carolina HD Video Tours is a premium high definition video tour and photography service for real estate, retail and commerical applications provided by Waxed Designs, LLC. Operated by Paul Tomlinson, we are located in Sumter, SC and service South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. In today's world of instant on-demand content and popularity of social media, we believe that video is the number one way to reach an audience and capture attention in a way that traditional "slideshow" tours just can't.

The truth is, there are many many wonderful homes, businesses or communities that get overlooked by simply because of their presentation...or lack thereof. 90% of all new home buyers start their search online, and if you don't have something to catch their attention, you're gonna get overlooked. So many beautiful homes and excellent businesses fail to seize their potential buyers attention right from the start because of their dull photography and cheap presentation. Our tours are FRESH, CURRENT, VISUALLY STUNNING and MEMORABLE! Our tours CREATE THE ULTIMATE FIRST IMPRESSION!

Unsurpassed Value
The fact is that sometimes budget dictates what we can or can’t do so we try to keep our prices reasonable and as low as possible. NOBODY gives you better service or a better product at a better value than we do. We offer a number of different package options to meet any need and are willing to work with you any way possible to customize your perfect property tour.

Focused on Serving You
We believe that a great product without great service delivering it, well...isn’t so great. That’s why we practice the long lost method of “doing what we say we’re gonna do, when we’re gonna do it!” It sounds like a pretty simple concept, but it is constantly shocking how many people just don’t understand it. WE get it though, and we aim to please!

High Quality Equipment
A mechanic is only as good as the tools he uses, and we use some great (expensive) stuff. All of our videos are shot in 1080p FULL HD with very high end equipment. Tours are professionally edited using the latest computer hardware and software while incorporating classy music, seamless transitions and the option to add a customised voiceover specific to your listing. Nobody is ever going to show up to film your tour with a little point and shoot camera with a pop up flash...we promise!

Our tours and photography are shot with an HD-SLR 18 Mega Pixel CMOS camera using interchangle wide angle lenes (some cost more than the camera!). We also use a balanced camera stabilizer Glidecam rig to ensure a smooth video without bumps or jerking. This makes for a silky smooth video experience like you’re hovering right through the house!